Nnobseed Enterprises Ltd operate into a global network of facilities including production of all agro cash crop.
Our operations involve production of grains directly from the farm, storage, transportation, and sell of the commodities to end customers within the domestic and international markets.
We play a dominant role worldwide and is essential for economic development.

The global market for agricultural product is expanding, opening up new opportunities for African produce. The potential for Africa's Agriculture is definitely looking good and attracts urgent need to focus investment in Agriculture as a business. Nnobseed Enterprises Ltd recognizes these opportunities and invested into it in which we have been able to aid in creating a marketing channel for agro products internationally and locally. We have been able to improve indigenous agricultural product in other to create a long lasting relationship between farmers and industries.

We are also an agro-commodity export firm that deals mostly in exportation of agricultural products to potential buyers worldwide. we are ready to ship to you within the shortest possible time. All our commodities are of high quality and our price list is very affordable and good to meet up with your target price. Our products are all Nigerian origin. Products we export include raw cashew nuts, dry sliced (split) ginger, fresh whole ginger, sesame seeds, garlic,soya beans,red kidney beans,gum arabic, dried hibiscus flower,shea nuts, Cassava Flour,Cassava Chips,dry red chilli pepper etc.

Our objective is to see that farmers effectively apply the techniques or methods thought to them, to help disseminate and demonstrate the information to the farmers base on the methods which will aid in the multiplying of the crops or seeds. We help create communication flow between farmers, help farmers benefit from governmental incentives or programmes, create a linkage between farmers and non-agricultural sectors, help create a marketing channel for farmers' products locally and internationally, help farmers dictate their stands as a producer in price fixation, aid sensitize farmers on the benefits of venturing into agriculture and farming as a profession. Nnobseed enterprises limited is standing tall with all readiness to work with affiliation to see that works are done to the achievement of mutual goal.

Nnobseed enterprises Ltd is standing tall with all readiness to work with affiliation to see that works are done to the achievement of mutual goal.



  • Alarm system
  • Depanneur in building
  • Onsite management
  • Janitor
  • Security cameras
  • Laundry room in building
  • Door attendant
  • Street parking
  • Attached garage
  • Elevator
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Hot water

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