Business Center: 5 biggest digital marketing trends this 2021

Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, online sales went through the roof since spending time on the internet became the new norm. This has resulted in a significant change in the way brands reach out to people. To give you a huge edge on your rivals, listed below are five of the biggest digital marketing trends for 2021. Take these tactics to heart and use them in your brand’s digital marketing plan!

Live streams and influencer content

Since activities were cancelled as a result of a stay at home orders, people were unable to attend events in person. This resulted in a rise in the number of people watching live streams. During live streams, influencers use social media platforms to promote their favourite items. Also, these live events are shoppable, allowing viewers to buy items while watching. 

Live viewings on Facebook increased by 50%, while viewings on Instagram increased by 70% during lockdown periods. TikTok usage hugely increased too and there is a strong possibility that the trend will continue during 2021.

Charitable missions from brands

People are used to seeing brands do good things, but this is emphasized more than ever this year. Potential buyers will not engage with brands they see as uncaring or insincere. This is why this year, brands wish to remain trusted by doing charitable missions that can help society.

An Example of this is Hilton’s ‘Hotels For Heroes’ mission where they let medical workers have free rooms to stay between shifts so they can protect their families back home. Another one is Chanel’s response to the epidemic where they produce face masks.

Sustainable product marketing

The world has seen a change in brands going towards a more sustainable future over the last few years, whether it is through their materials, packaging, processes or others. In fact, 81% of buyers strongly believe that brands should be eco-friendly. 

People are actively seeking out eco-friendly products so it is vital for brands to have those starting this 2021. A great example of this is the brand, Ocean Cleanup which revealed their first product made entirely of plastic recovered from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. They said they will still use recycled materials to make their products which pumped their revenue.


Due to the Black Lives Matter action, inclusivity became a major priority these days. As per Accenture’s research, the shift toward inclusion is affecting buying behaviour with 41% of buyers avoiding stores that do not express their views on gender and race, and 29% ready to switch brands that do not display enough diversity.

On the go content

People also leaned on simple and quick content such as podcasts that can be listened to on the go or newsletters that are delivered directly to customers’ inboxes. As per studies, 55% of Americans now listen to podcasts, and mentions in emails rose by 14% during the lockdown. Podcasts and newsletters are handy and easily available content that can help brands engage more closely with customers and give a more direct way to keep in contact.