There are online applications that make online business management easier and more convenient. Read on to learn about the various applications you should take advantage of while doing business in an online set-up.

For communication with your team

Communication without interruption and delay is crucial in managing an online business. Communication is not just about the work that is being accomplished. Staying in touch with your staff ensures a good relationship with them. According to business site Business Center, this makes for productive working dynamics. 


Reduce the volume of emails among you and your employees through Slack. Create various channels for specific topics and projects. Organize your workspace based on different agendas and points of discussion. You can also create video conferences with a person or with a group of people.

Integrate your accounts on existing cloud programs such as GDrive, Dropbox, and Asana for secure sharing of documents.


If you don’t want to invest in applications requiring payment right away and would like to explore free options, you can try using Glip. Glip is a desktop and mobile application that lets you communicate with your team through messaging and video conferencing.

It gives you a maximum of 24 hours per meeting (without the usual 40-minute caps). You can integrate Google Calendar and Outlook when preparing for an agenda. Through this, video meeting PIN and other details are added automatically into an invite. Here are the other notable features of Glip:

  • Up to 100 participants allowed for every meeting (up to 24 hours)
  • No download needed for participants to join a meeting (functional on browser)
  • Assign tasks to your team
  • Share files and create team events
  • Share your screen

Based on these features, you can see why Glip is a great option when you want to use a free application. It is great for new businesses that are just starting.

For project management

To oversee completion of projects, you need to ensure that every employee plays their part. Online management applications inform you whether everyone is going in the right direction. is a simple and visual project management application. It enables you to navigate through the statuses of the assignments your team is working on. Manage to-do lists, team tasks, and projects. 

Ensure that your weekly goals are achieved by the end of the week. Avoid piling-up deadlines for great business dynamics, just like the advice you can read on Business Center.


You can use Trello for free in order to organize your projects into boards, lists, or cards. Take note, however, of the 10 MB limit on the size of file attachments. Here are the notable features of Trello:

  • Task setting and progress tracking
  • Task delegation and to-do lists
  • Customizes workflows
  • Option to upgrade in order to integrate with Google Hangouts and Slack