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Maks Franc Design is a graphic design studio which specializes in providing unique logo, brand identity and stationary design services.

At Maks Franc Design (MFD), we believe that brand identity design is about first impressions. From the moment a client sees your company’s logo and business card, an impression is made. It is our job to make that first impression a good and lasting one.

Maks Franc Design was founded in November 2011 and since then has been involved in several projects including Savvy & Chic Hair & Beauty Hub magazine (Issues 1 to 6), Shape Up Naija magazine (Issue 1), Market Digest Magazine (Issue 4) and logo design projects for Dixx Sweets, De Souvenir Hub (DSH), Joufiju, Guava Food Kitchen, SOW Real Estate and more.



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I am a very simple card. I am good at containing small bits of information. I am convenient because I require little markup to use effectively.