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Holding company of OSOBAYE holds the shares of subsidiaries involved in various businesses, support business operations, and carries out integrated administration through directing management. Company Overview OSOBAYE HOLDINGS LIMITED was established in 1988 with a view to providing personalized and satisfactory services to all our esteemed customers. At the inception, fund management and financial valuation. Over the past few years, our scope of business has steadily expanded. The initiation of other business operations has given us a bigger market share. For several years we have been providing our customers with excellent quality services. We are an independent economically and divinely empowered organization. All of our members are involved in the day-to-day business. OSOBAYE HOLDINGS LIMITED is associated with entrepreneurs from different areas of expertise, in the event that certain projects require their resources. Reliability, Efficiency and Professionalism (R.E.P.) are the values that make up the foundation that OSOBAYE HOLDINGS LIMITED is built upon and are what we strive on.

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    12/14, kadiri street. Fadeyi, Lagos Lagos
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