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Mel Educational Services Limited was established to provide consultancy services to help parents, students and organisations in Nigeria and Ghana with educational planning. Our company believes that we can recruit students for universities and Higher Education Providers in Australia. We do this by creating more awareness in the region where we operate, through showcasing of the adequate facilities the institution can provide, and enhance the confidence of prospective students and parents / guardians. We are strongly convinced that any institution MEL Educational Services Limited represents will attract prospective students based on prior experience of marketing products or services. The Nigerian market requires adequate promotion in the newspaper and social media to catch the attention of the prospective students who are always on the internet; in addition, appropriate information sessions which can last for 2- 3 days in a designated location can also be organised. The aim of the information session in Lagos will be to introduce parents, guardians and prospective students to qualitative Australian education, explain the long term benefits of Australian education and present a clear picture of the country’s values, lifestyles, climate and culture. Upon completion of a similar project in 2008, I received over 150 enquires from prospective students and parents who were, and still are interested in providing qualitative western education to their children. Your institution can offer part scholarship to prospective students to be able to break into the market trend, examples of such will be Application fees waived 5 % scholarships And other incentives offered to other international students. The project will also provide the opportunity of exchange programs for students currently enrolled in Nigerian universities; they will have the opportunity to undertake a year of studies at your institution. This exchange program can also be extended to Academics in Universities/ Higher Education providers who will have the opportunity to complete a PHD degree or be part of a ‘train a trainer’ program. From prior knowledge, the best university graduates are always recruited as Graduate assistants who undergo research in Nigerian universities. As a result this specific group of people can be targeted for a Graduate assistantship or research assistant, this group can enroll as a PHD candidate who will be supervised by two supervisors, one in Australia and the other in Nigeria under an agreed supervision arrangement. Liaise and facilitate links between state government departments in Nigeria and Australian Universities/ Higher Education to provide a training exchange program through the universities with a view to develop capacity.

Location Garnet Plaza, Km 16, Igbo-Efon, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
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