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De Koolar Nigeria Limited is a 100% owned indigenous HVAC Company with over two decades of industry experience. We are leading Nigerian manufacturers and suppliers of a range of Ice Block Making Machine, Coldroom, Blast Freezers, Cold storage barns, Ovens, Refrigerators and Air Conditioners, among other domestic and industrial heat transfer equipment. Our services include all aspects of design, installation, maintenance and repairs of domestic, commercial and industrial systems. Our areas of specialization covers, heat transfer technology and its various applications to meet both domestic and industrial needs. We strongly believe in the use of modern tools in the design, manufacturing, servicing and maintenance of equipments produced or managed by us. In fact, the company is in the vanguard of technology innovation in the industry, especially on our Ice Block Making Machine and Coldroom lines. The Cold Storage is built with polyuretheane sandwich panels, easy to mount and dissemble or enlarge if necessary The Cold Storage is equipped with electric lighting. Freon 22 and 404A, and used as refrigerants. The Cold Storage should be installed in a sheltered place away from direct sunshine, dust and rain Our drive for corporate growth and innovation necessitated us to expand the horizon of the company – a goal that metamorphosed into what is popularly known as De Koolar Nigeria Limited. We are confident that ours is a HVAC company with a very great future. The reason for this confidence lies in our values for passion, innovation and customer satisfaction. Patronise De Koolar today, and you would indeed be glad you did!

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    14, Akeem Balogun Opposite Lagos Techincal College, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
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